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The world is on the verge of a revolution that may modify the standard concepts regarding the economy, markets, finance and credit. it’s necessary to actively invest within the IT company to take advantage of their domination in the long run.
In the world fashioned a brand new cluster of corporations that, having high money capabilities, a powerful and promising business, unlimited monopoly in their individual segments and impressive leaders World Health Organization area unit able to virtually modification the planet. what’s in all probability unreal of Steve Jobs – is over the iPhone in each pocket or a pc in each home.

High-tech corporations area unit currently characterised by the subsequent features: a high stock of cash with just about no debt and a positive constant flow of cash from the core business little probability of the emergence of competition within the market: 100% of the competitors can be purchased, as they assert, “standing” continuous improvement of technology, thus most of the new solutions, know-how, innovative product and also the computer code goes to a slim circle of corporations
global presence, not such a lot physical as info al and technological.
These options of the planet technology much don’t depend upon national governments, or from money establishments, from anyone! These corporations have already got giant, though not all of the plain, a part of world domination, in fact, they in all probability nice future. modification something during this state of affairs, perhaps, too late.

At a time once additional and additional wealth is a) public (internet, cellular communications, programming), b) intangible (content and computer code, communications, electronic money), no one, aside from the leaders of the IT phase, there’s no probability to preserve the benefits that they enjoyed within the pre-computer era.

Victim 1: Government.

already is widespread, the term “revolution of Facebook”, though, appears to be copyright to nobody claimed him. However, the rationale for the success of the many revolutions that occurred in 2011 (Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and others) is taken into account to be participants within the coordination of the event of social networks.
Another example: freedom of data. the web is hospitable all, tries by the state, as before, losing management of the media appears to be unmeaning. this is often clearly seen in Russia – individuals now do not trust the official media and concentrate on the net. The government will now not keep secrets (Wikileaks example) aren’t able to consolidate the mass, unable to regulate the emergence of social teams (previously – “parties” obsolete.).
State and Government have lost the monopoly on info, info and indoctrination national. With them, they need to lose a major part of the govt, that antecedently had. however, an error to suppose that this power is lost forever: it’s merely transferred from the govt within the hands of corporations that manage the network media. Earlier take pleasure in management over the data within the style of money flows extracted the state – and currently, it’s a world web company.

If so, can the changes last?
What will become of the business enterprise functions of the state?

Possible with the assistance of the net doesn’t produce a representative and direct democracy, that is concerned in government is it not a couple of nonappointive or appointed bureaucrats king, however each citizen?
Will the state still manage the lives of voters through the supply of references to that, permits, info which will be accessed by alternative means?
Are there borders for programs, information, move data, whether or not they stay for the physical movement of products and technologies for the physical movement of citizens?
Will the state still monitor the election method to the authorities, the system, transport infrastructure, and so on?
It is unlikely that world technology corporations don’t mirror these problems.

Victim 2: Banks and money corporations

Is very easy – you’ll already build payments while not about to the bank and don’t use (directly) his services. These area units are known as “electronic payment systems.” Google has its own system of payments and social network, during which ninety million users… that stops web giants, with its huge money resources and also the audience to travel ahead and organize the “electronic banking”, “electronic exchange”, “e-insurance company” “Electronic agency,” etc. and so on?
It’s simply a matter of your time before the present banks, stock exchanges and alternative money intermediaries are going to be forced out of web corporations. At first, there’s nothing however associate degree recent and thick textbook on political economy, a stripy suit and a shiny bald head, a second is all: the core business, generate revenue, lack of commitment, customers, technology, the will to beat the planet.
As presently because the paper currency is going to be fully outmoded by electronic, “paper” banks can return in time.

Victim 3: Rights holders

have long understood that it’s foolish to speak regarding copyright during a set of numbers, written a way or another on the magnetic and optical media.
Only those that control: strategies for writing info to the media; production of media, reading with these carriers, as well as programs for the replica of the content, the transmission of data – is also the house owners, and nobody else.
While books associate degreed CDs were transferred to someone – this was still potential to try to to one thing (referring to the fight against piracy) however once it’s entered into an electronic internet, the battle was lost.

This doesn’t mean that the yield from the sale of works of art, and something that’s proprietary, don’t get one: they already receive, and to an oversized extent, the net giants. they’re already within the sector, and everyone other (record corporations, motion picture theatres, shops, books and audio plastic, ancient media, etc.) quietly serving the wastebin of history.

Victim 4: The education sector

is good news initial – to realize knowledge of but the data will no longer have to be compelled to physically navigate to the location of the varsity, sit inside the audience, still exist field, eat the cafeteria and notice relief from physical by a doctor. All this whereas there, but left him to live long.

Bad news – the cash you save on tickets to Oxford and housing costs, some will visit the IT company. Money, money another time, and another time inside a similar recipient!

But seriously, the education system as a system of storing data goes into the past. What do get people returning in, say, grad school or technological universities – is a) suggests that of thinking b) social ties and skills of behaviour. but do not see any obstacles to any or all this may not be obtained by remote means.

Victim 5: all kinds of mediators: retail, tourism, property agencies, etc.

Based on the most recent developments inside the travel market, to come presently. Lanta-Tour, and totally different travel agencies – this could be the last century. Man himself is in a position to look out tickets for aeroplanes or trains, rent an automotive or house directly from their owner, and pay with electronic money. in addition, and for trade may occur do not appear to be the simplest time as a result of in 2011 over one thousand thousand Russians ordered product abroad by mail from the U.S., China and Europe, rather than visit the regional place of business and procure constant issue to pay a further charge of fifty VAT and rent the owner of the place of business Plaza.

And here we have a bent to examine the outlines of a greenhorn world throughout that the previous leaders of the defeated, and, strangely enough, peacefully, with no casualties or hurt, a greenhorn procedure. No lack of co-owners Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook, associated lead them to jail for AN tried coup. Even a weak and sad attempt to somehow limit the monopoly of these firms came to zilch lead.


The global IT giants will increase their advantage, increasing the scope of the business, that has traditionally been created “offline”, and their condition and will preferably be grownup, they’re going to displace the previous intermediaries, UN agency cannot oppose them one thing.

for inclusion inside the new world government are getting to be good, first, to accumulate the shares of trade leaders, and second, actively act itself in programming.

Soon not an automotive, housing or post will make sure they rank, but they share inside the register of holders of IT-company, your electronic computer, its program, its audience, its own data.

must be careful to treat those firms whose cash position and power unit of measurement, or will presently become a historical throwback. express caution has to be compelled to be taken to the cash (banking, insurance, pension funds, settlement of accounts, stock exchanges, brokers, quality managers,… ) and resellers.

I would not game these firms in the associate atmosphere where cyberspace infrastructure and data technologies modify the direct dealing between seller and client of one thing, and once the electrons do not appear to be entirely money but the people (through the profiles in Facebook).

The basic conclusion is that the role of IT firms is underestimated: government, society and thus the stock markets. whereas the Revolution, as a result of that they have returned to rule the world, goes on before our eyes.

Can participate inside the strategy (eg, buying shares or making their own resources and programs), to face aside, angrily reject the new trends, basic cognitive operation inside the previous wise price, decide to counteract the IT-companies, brandishing a club preventive laws and conventions SOPA.


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